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I just started using Diigo this week and I am amazed how interesting I am finding it.  I am still trying to get use to the idea of using Twitter in the classroom and I am not sure that I will, but I really see how Diigo could be helpful.  Diigo is so easy to use and I can go back and find information in a fast manner.  

I still don’t think I can have my class on the website themselves, but I can use it to benefit my students.  I can use social bookmarking to see what other websites teachers find useful and to keep the websites I like organized.  The more I think about it social bookmarking is just another form of Twitter.  The reason though, I think I am more comfortable with it is because I associate Twitter with high school and college students and I see social bookmarking as a great resource for any professional.

Social bookmarking could also be a professional way to keep parents updated with what resources I am using in the classroom.  I think highlighting would be an easy way to show the parents what parts of the website I am using and I can use sticky notes telling them why.  

While doing research I found some useful websites about different types of social bookmarking websites.  One called LiveBinders talks about a bookmarking website for teachers called Common Craft, which seemed very interesting.  Another website I found was EDUCAUSEREVIEW and it gives more information on Diigo and explains traditional and social bookmarking.  The last resource I am going to mention is a blog by Edugeek.  This blog gives suggestions on how teachers can use social bookmarking and suggestions on how to have your students use it, I think this would be particular useful for the older grades.  

I am very excited to keep learning about social bookmarking and all that it has to offer.  I think it is going to be a great resource that I keep using.  

4 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking

  1. I too am excited about this new Social Bookmarking concept, but will not be using Twitter after this class ends. You have great insights in your blog! Thanks:)

  2. I liked the link to the video from “LiveBinders” you posted. Even though they use Delicious as an example, it still gives a good overview of what social bookmarking is, and basically how to use this. I could see sharing this video with colleagues as a way to show the benefits of social bookmarking. Thanks!

  3. Kelsey,

    I am also finding social bookmarking very interesting and exciting! I like your idea of using social bookmarking as a way to communicate with parents. In my post, I also mentioned that teachers can post articles, resources, and videos for parents. The social bookmarking sites also encourages parent-to-parent communication.

  4. I am also hoping to continue to use social bookmarking. I haven’t used it before so I am still getting the hang of things! Thanks for the post!

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